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Fabrication Process




What is a foot Orthotic?
A foot orthotic is a device that is fabricated from a casted impression of an individual’s foot.  Foot orthotics are prescribed for many types of painful foot disorders.  They are very helpful in correcting mechanical foot imbalances, which place abnormal stresses on the joints and ligaments within the foot.

Foot orthotics are especially effective for individuals whose foot problems are compounded by work and activities which place extra demands on the foot.  Although not a panacea, when indicated, foot orthotics are the answer to pain limiting foot problems.

Foot Orthotics are prescribed for an array of foot problems.  Heel pain, arch pain, diabetic ulcerations, shin splints, prevention of recurring stress fractures or knee and pack pain resulting from poor foot mechanics are just some of the conditions which respond well to orthotics.  It is a well known fact that abnormal foot mechanics cause stresses that result in foot, leg, knee and low back pain.

Types of custom orthotics vary depending on the purpose for which they are used.  There are basically two types of foot orthotics.  First there is the functional orthotic which is used to control the motion of joints within the foot.  This type of orthotic would be helpful in controlling abnormal foot pronation or “rolling at the arch”.  The second type of foot orthotic is an accommodative device.  This is fabricated from a softer material and is used to decrease pressure on a select area.  An accommodative orthotic can be very helpful in treating and preventing diabetic ulcerations.  Various combinations of materials and modification may be used to custom fabricate an orthotic for a specific problem.  The final form is a result of your prescription, our certified pedorthic assessment process, and the individual fabrication process.

What Are Your Qualifications?
Bill Goers C Ped(C)  Canadian Certified Pedorthist, has been making custom foot orthotics since 1992.  We regularly get referrals from family physicians, orthopaedic surgeons, rheumatologists, rehabilitation doctors, and other medical specialists  such as physiotherapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, etc.

How long do they last?
With everyday use (under normal conditions and care) you should expect your Custom Orthotics to last between 2 and 6 years, depending on individual use.

What are they made from?
Custom Orthotics are made from compressed Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), which is a semi-rigid plastic foam.  EVA has traditionally been used as an midsole matierial in the manufacturing of various tsypes of athletic, sport, and casual footwear.  EVA is waterproof, temperature resistant to 120 degrees F., and easily milled.  There are different densities to suit levels of comfort and necessary motion control.

Will they fit in all of my Shoes?
Custom Orthotics work best with footwear designed with a removable and replaceable manufacturer’s insole.  Most athletic, sport, and casual shoes, as well as some dress shoes are builty with this feature.  Custom Orthotics thickness under the toes can vary to suit particular footwear.

Are they covered by my medical plan?
Yes, but not directly.  If you have enxtended medical coverage which includes foot orthotics, you can be covered.  Most plans require a physician's prescription.

How much do they cost?
Depending on individual requirements, costs vary between $125 and $400.  Prices include assessment, casting, fabrication, fitting, adjustment, repairs.

How will they help me?
Custom Orthotics help different people in different ways.  Someone without any foot problems would benefit from the added stability and support provided by custom orthotics.
Custom orthotics also act as a preventative measure to ensure that problems or pain do not develop as rapidly as they might have without the added stablility and support.
For someone with more serious problems, custom orthotics can mean considerably less pain and greater ease during everyday movement.
Some of the common afflictions that can be addressed or corrected by Custom Orthotics are the following:

Plantar Fasciitis
Hammar Toes
Heel Spurs
Ankle Pain
Peripheral Neuropathy

Can I wear them without socks?
Yes.  If you intend to go sockless, let us know, so we can choose an appropriate top cover.

Can I wash the Orthotics?
Yes, you can wash by hand, although some people use a delicate wash cycle.  Please allow them to air dry.  Direct heat will cause them to shrink.

Can I get a custom fit?
Yes.  All of our Custom Orthotics are individually fit to your feet and to your shoes.  Please bring the shoes you plan to wear with your orthotics when you come for your appointment.                    

Do I need an appointment?
Yes. You can phone for an appointment 250-595-3616
Or you can drop by the shop to make an appointment: 

1528 Fort St., Victoria, BC

How long does it take?
Your first appointment will take approximately one hour.  This session will include assessment and casting, after which another half hour appointment will be scheduled.
During the second appointment your Custom Orthotics will be individually fitted into your shoes, and surfaced with appropriate material.
The entire process takes between a day and a week.

Can I choose not to buy them?

Does it hurt?
No, the assessment and casting process are both very pleasant.

What if they don’t fit?
Af Common Sense Orthotics, we stand behind all of our work.  If they don’t fit we will adjust them free of charge.