Frequently Asked Questions


Fabrication Process




This is how the milling process works:

Process Step 1

1 - Following thorough biomechanical and therapeudic assessments, we measure the size and shape of your foot on our platform digitizer.

Process Step 2

2 - The digitizer has 538 sensor pegs which conform to the shape of your foot while you stand in a functional weight bearing position.

Process Step 3

3 - The computer reads the information and produces a contour picture of the bottom of the foot showing weight loads and stresses.

Process Step 4

4 - The measurements can be adjusted on the platform and in the computer to satisfy the structural needs of your foot.

Process Step 5

5 - The completed and corrected contour picture then instructs our milling machine to form foam rubber insole blanks into the exact replica of your foor impression.

Process Step 6

6 - The milled orthotic is then custom shaped to fit your shoes and finished with a soft covering for additional comfort.

Process Step 7

7 - At Common Sense Orthotics, we offer post-purchase monitoring of your orthotic insoles during your transition to greater function and comfort.